Boers, The Farmers Of South Africa

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Highschool student kneels for anthem, /ourguy/ picks him up

Found the student on Twitter, but I won’t post it here since SJW Zombies are ravenously stalking the poor lad. He made a solid reply to the mindless horde descending upon him:

“Obviously you don’t know about the dedication our troops/fireman/police officers put into making this a safe and free country and that’s how your going to use your freedom

Great job!

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MSM calls for people to “take to the streets”… they aren’t sending their best…


What Really Happened In Durham


My Little Pony Fan Plows Into Crowd At Unite The Right


I don’t think it was James Alex Fields Jr. piloting the 2010 Dodge Challenger of Peace™. The man behind the wheel of this horrific act seemed far too calm and collected. Reversing at high speeds with Michael-Moore-at-a-buffet levels of adrenaline is harder than it looks.

Also wafting in the air are the pictures, which seem to show an older, fitter driver.


Another troubling detail, there were no airbags deployed. Was this car prepped ahead of time?

This entire event smells worse than Lena Dunham after a floppy furious round of naked ping pong. The media is painting it with their brightest “White Supremacy” brush.


Organizers obtained a proper permit, and it was obvious the counter protesters were the ones on Soros site with violent intentions. The police response was also very telling:

I believe this entire event was a setup, with operatives on both sides luring unsuspecting civilians into the melee. We should take a close look at who the thought leaders involved are, who’s payroll they are on, and be aware of the outrageous media spin. Not only were people seriously injured, but a person was killed on this day. This event worked well to fuel hatred and create an even wider divide in America.

highlands roude unite right
What can this woman tell us about the arrest?

car unite real drive

james field car unite

unite car real driver
Pure Coincidence.


unite car no stripes
Different car? Stripes added after purchase?

Sgt. Peter Allan, “Sussex Hate Crime Sgt & Trans Equality Advocate” Forced To Delete His Twitter

sgt peter allen tweet

Blue check-marks often shine the brightest, and Peter is no exception. After bravely alerting the public about a “Non-crime hate incident – Name calling between children”, Peter was met with due disgust. Unable to handle the bantz, he actually deleted his account.

Sadly, his courageous exploits are no longer available for your viewing privilege. Here are some screen caps from before he tucked his tail(?) between his legs and ran off into the sunset:


In between breaking up fights at recess, this well-paid public servant has lead quite the career:


sgt peter allan hygeine
Modern day Eliot Ness

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a Hate Crime Ambassador, contact Peter Allan, Sussex Hate Crime Sgt & Trans Equality Advocate:

UPDATE: he seems to have reactivated his account.


Twitter Is Losing A Lot Of Money

Maybe they should stop banning all the interesting people

“In fact, the company revealed in its annual 10-K filed Feb. 29 that it has lost more than $2 billion in total since launching a decade ago.”

“Despite having the most powerful person in the world as a loyal user, Twitter TWTR, Tech30 failed to add any new monthly active users globally during the June quarter. Even worse, it’s now losing users in the U.S.”

“Twitter, which has been struggling to keep pace in the fast-moving world of social media, reported a net loss of $116 million in the second quarter, slightly wider than its $107 million loss a year ago.”

“On the advertising front, Twitter said ad engagements grew 95 percent year over year, while the cost per ad engagement declined 53 percent.”

“Twitter’s Promoted Trends Fee Soars To $200,000 A Day”



Check ’em


Press F For James Damore, The Only Set Of Balls Left At Google

danielle hr cunt resource

Late last week, James Damore unleashed an internal document at Google called “Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber“. The resulting Salt Tsunami was to be expected, as apparently thousands of employees have smothered him with hate mail and requests to management for his immediate dismissal. Here are some leaked caps (don’t you hate being spied upon?) from their internal Google+ network:

anothony baxter google
Anthony Baxter wants to punch Nazis and has Saved Lives

Yet, an internal poll shows that a substantial number of employees feel the same way:

google internal leak5

Somewhat surprising. Here is the memo released in response by Danielle Brown, “Google’s brand new VP of Diversity, Integrity & Governance”.


I’m Danielle, Google’s brand new VP of Diversity, Integrity & Governance. I started just a couple of weeks ago, and I had hoped to take another week or so to get the lay of the land before introducing myself to you all. But given the heated debate we’ve seen over the past few days, I feel compelled to say a few words.

Many of you have read an internal document shared by someone in our engineering organization, expressing views on the natural abilities and characteristics of different genders, as well as whether one can speak freely of these things at Google. And like many of you, I found that it advanced incorrect assumptions about gender. I’m not going to link to it here as it’s not a viewpoint that I or this company endorses, promotes or encourages.

Diversity and inclusion are a fundamental part of our values and the culture we continue to cultivate. We are unequivocal in our belief that diversity and inclusion are critical to our success as a company, and we’ll continue to stand for that and be committed to it for the long haul. As Ari Balogh said in his internal G+ post, “Building an open, inclusive environment is core to who we are, and the right thing to do. ‘Nuff said. ”

Google has taken a strong stand on this issue, by releasing its demographic data and creating a company wide OKR on diversity and inclusion. Strong stands elicit strong reactions. Changing a culture is hard, and it’s often uncomfortable. But I firmly believe Google is doing the right thing, and that’s why I took this job.

Part of building an open, inclusive environment means fostering a culture in which those with alternative views, including different political views, feel safe sharing their opinions. But that discourse needs to work alongside the principles of equal employment found in our Code of Conduct, policies, and anti-discrimination laws.

I’ve been in the industry for a long time, and I can tell you that I’ve never worked at a company that has so many platforms for employees to express themselves—TGIF, Memegen, internal G+, thousands of discussion groups. I know this conversation doesn’t end with my email today. I look forward to continuing to hear your thoughts as I settle in and meet with Googlers across the company.



danielle brown google hr

James has a PhD in Biology from Harvard, but surely the 23 year-old Diverse Feminist Nazi Punching Correct Thinking individuals know better than him.

danielel gogole hrdanielel hr don't believe her lies

danielle brown smile like this

More sauce:

Brianna Wu seems to think he wears the pants….

brianna wu google doc
he’s so gross
american inventors google
Google seems to be lacking diversity here…

Some of the reaction/salt/damage control:

She hasn’t read the whole thing yet, but we should listen to her opinion since she’s not a Nazi
google manifesto weapon c
Such hostility…

***UPDATE*** James Damore has been fired in response, and is now considering legal action.

put popcorn


Elizabeth Lee Beck: Formerly Stumped Attorney vs. Moloch & His Minions

No Brakes. You might remember Elizabeth Beck from 2015, she represented a couple who sued Trump in a case related to a soured Florida real estate deal. Trump prevailed in a jury trial, and the couple was forced to pay $350,000 for his legal fees. There was also some weirdness involving her allegedly announcing her intention to operate a breast-milk pump while Trump continued to answer her questions under oath. That is some weird and icky 4D chest-chess right there, but things have recently become far more interesting.


Like many poor souls, Elizabeth Beck felt the Bern when in 2016 it seemed became obvious the DNC had fixed the Democratic Party Presidential Primaries in favor of Hillary Clinton. But Elizabeth Beck is an Attorney, and also a Gunner. Instead of heading to Reddit to join in the collective REE!, she decided to help form JamPac in February 2016. Thus began her rabbit hole descent.

As Elizabeth dug deeper, Debbie Wasserman Schultz took notice. With all the wit of a CNN mail-room boy, she decided to call Elizabeth and threaten her. She had watched enough movies to use a voice disguising apparatus, but forgot to block her phone number.

debbie gross
I still can’t figure out how Hillary lost…

High energy individual that she is, Elizabeth only became more determined to uncover what nastiness lay underneath that leathery visage. She found plenty.

Then on July 17th, 2017 Elizabeth Beck made a disturbing appearance on InfoWars. Water-filters aside, she looked genuinely terrified about what she uncovered. At 8:53 when Owen says “organ transplant” and again at 9:20 when Owen says “black market organ transplants” her eyes bug out, way out. This is the only time she displays that body language during the interview. Perhaps she is communicating that “yes, this is what is happening, but if I use those words I will be killed”. Here is the interview and a transcript I cleaned up:

Transcript (Jul 17, 2017 Interview):

Federal prosecutor Beranton Whisenant Jr. found dead on beach.

Speculation he was connected to the DNC lawsuit.

Elizabeth was asked to look into that from concerned individuals.

Here’s what she found:

1) There is a Beranton Whisenant -> Jay Plotkin -> Jacksonville connection

Jay Plotkin was the director of the State Attorney’s Office in Jacksonville from 1993 to 2009. Until Janury of 2009 he supervised all aspects of an office of 100 attorneys and over 300 support staff.

Mr. Beranton Whisenant is actually not a Miami native, even though he worked there and passed away in Broward County in South Florida.

To the contrary, Mr. Beranton Whisenant is a native of Jacksonville Florida. He graduated from Bishop Kenney High School in 1997 and worked as an Assistant State Attorney with the 4th Judicial Circuit from 2004-2007.

In other words, Mr. Beranton Whisenant and Mr. Jay Plotkin worked in the State Attorneys Office at the same time.

2) There is a Jacksonville -> Mayo Clinic connection.

Mayo Clinic has a hospital in Jacksonville Florida.

3) There’s a Mayo Clinic -> Judge Harvey E. Schlesinger connection.

A lawsuit was filed in 2015 in Federal Court in Jacksonville against the Mayo Clinic in connection with an organ transplant case.

The judge presiding over that case was the Honorable Harvey E. Schlesinger.

CASE NUMBER: 3:15-cv-01244

4) There’s a Judge Harvey E. Schlesinger -> Jay Plotkin -> Beranton Whisenant connection.

Jay Plotkin is judge Harvey Schlesingers’ son-in-law.

Mr. Whisenant’s body was recovered on May 24th, 2017. On June 8th, 2017 Judge Harvey E. Schlesinger threw out the case against Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville on Summary Judgement.

5) There is a Mayo Clinic -> Clinton Foundation connection.

A number of hospitals, including Mayo Clinic and St. Vincents co-sponsored a launch event in Northeast Florida in connection with the Clinton Health Matters Initiative.

6) There is a Mayo Clinic -> High Government Officials connection.

The numerous public trustees of the Mayo Clinic include a Thomas J. Brokaw, (possibly Tom Brokaw) Barbara P. Bush, Richard B Cheney (possibly Dick Cheney) Senator Thomas Daschle and Paul Volcker.

The Mayo Clinic provides a full range of health services including organ transplants, bone marrow transplants, blood transfusions and genetic medicine.

Sounds like an interesting place for people looking into life extension?

7) There is a Clinton Foundation -> Haiti connection.

8) There is a Klause Eberwein -> Haiti connection.

Klause Eberwein, a former Haitian government official was found dead July 11th of this year with a gunshot wound to the head. He was found at 14501 South Dixie Highway; a Quality Inn.

This Quality Inn is 7.5 miles from my office.

9) There is a Peter Smith -> Mayo Clinic connection.

My Peter Smith purportedly took his own life May 14th, in a Aspen Suites hospital in Rochester Minnesota near the Mayo Clinic.

The Aspen Suites is across the street from the St. Mary’s campus of Mayo Clinic and is almost exclusively used by patients of the hospital.

He purportedly left a suicide note which stated that “there was no foul play whatsoever” and “recent bad turn in health since January 2017” was the reason given for taking his own life and the timing was related to “Life insurance of 5 million expiring”.

He was purportedly searching for Clinton Emails.


Things are getting substantial.

Somebody was nice enough to put together a nifty timeline of events:

Miami lawyers Jared and Elizabeth Beck file lawsuit against DNC and Schultz for ethic violations stemming from impartiality to Sanders campaign.

Sanders supporter Seth Rich is murdered; case remains unsolved; Shultz dedicates, um, bike plaque to Rich.

Less than a month after Rich was murdered, attorney Shawn Lucas, 38, was found dead in his bathroom of “overdose.” Lucas served the DNC with the lawsuit in early July 2016.

Schultz’s Primary challenger in FL, Tim Canova, claims Shultz used “illegal DNC resources against him“; later floats DNC murdered Rich.

Anti-Clinton-ite Peter W. Smith is suicided via bag of helium in Minnesota hotel room, 10 days after telling WSJournal he was seeking evidence against Hillary re: missing emails.

Schultz actually threatens Capitol police chief with “consequences” if he didn’t return equipment of hers confiscated for investigation after it was discovered hidden in a crevice of a House office building; believed stolen by Schultz employee Imran Awan…and then, same day…

Beranton Whisenant, federal prosecutor, found dead by gun shot, still unsolved, on beach in the same town where Schultz and Canova reside; possibly investigating Awan brothers, gov IT aides accused of stealing equipment and breaches of U.S. House IT network. Imran Awan worked for Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Jacob Schwartz, son of Sanders’ campaign lawyer and DeBlasio asst, arrested for child p0rn: 3k images, 100 vidz, including infants.

The Becks claim threatening phone call traced to Schultz; they ask FL judge for protection, are denied.

Tim Canova announces he’ll run again vs Schultz in FL; Sanders retracts support of Canova, whom he appointed to 2011 Senate advisory panel on Federal Reserve; Canova tweets on 06/17/17 that his computer has been hacked by DNC operatives.

Bernie Sanders claims newly hot FBI probe of wife Jane for shady $10m college land deal is political; John Podesta cited deal as artillery against Bernie re: 2015 Wikileaks email leak.

Former Haitian official Klaus Eberwein suicided by gunshot in Miami hotel; due the next week to testify against the Clinton Foundation.

Beck tells Infowars she has tied Whisenant, Smith, Eberwein deaths to Clinton Foundation cabal and found links to Bushes, Cheney etc. Fears for life, burst into tears on air.

Surely The Russians Are To Blame, However.